Research Consulting

As researchers we help you define problems, unlock insight, and solve business problems.

Research management

Provide Expert Advice
Provide Expert Advice

We help you to identify the problem we’re trying to solve and the research challenge ahead:

  • Best research approach
  • Most appropriate research partners
  • How to measure success
Lead the Process
Lead the Process
  • Manage suppliers & partners
  • Set up & manage the process.
  • Identify & resolve issues
  • Quality control
  • Full or hybrid roles
Active in the Field
Active in the Field

As passionate Senior research experts with extensive experience in quant & qual research, we are active members of MRIA & ESOMAR. We also have an in house qualitative research team.

Provide Business Solutions
Provide Business Solutions
  • Seek to fully understand your business
  • Understand & simplify data
  • Integrate learning with your business decisions
  • Think holistically (consumers, market, channel, stakeholders, results)

How we work: Our Consulting Model

When clients call on us for research consulting, we typically work in one of three ways

AD Hoc Support

Extra brain power for tricky projects, short-term, or rush assignments.


Partial Outsource

Collaborative partner to support your existing insight function on an on-going basis.


Full Outsource

Fully responsible for the insight function at your company. We lead all projects and work seamlessly with internal cross-functional partners.

Qualitative research

We have in-house qualitative specialists. Top calibre talent that lead qualitative group discussions, interviews, on-line qualitative research, shop-a-longs, in home research.

  • RIVA Trained Moderators and facilitators
  • English and French speakers
  • Received Global Moderator Accreditation with Unilever.
Creative Methodology
Creative Methodology

We use imaginative techniques such as:

  • Respondent stories
  • Stimulus walls
  • Co-creation workshops
Vivid Research Frameworks
Vivid Research Frameworks

We offer frameworks to assess:

  • Positioning
  • Advertising and communication
  • New product/business concepts
  • Packaging
Breadth of Expertise
Breadth of Expertise

We have experience across a wide range of business issues including:

  • Attitude and behavioural dynamics
  • Advertising and communication
  • Product usability
  • Brand strategy
  • Concept/product development.
Team Approach
Team Approach

We advocate a team approach so you always have more than one brain on a research challenge.